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Here, you will find a wide variety of science and technology news, as well as useful information, such as tutorials explaining how appliances, such as air conditioners work,  (linked to in the sidebar to the left). You can also learn about electronics, including how inverters work, how light bulbs work, and much more under the how it works section.

Nissan's 400 HP, 88-pound ZEOD engine.Image obtained with thanks from Nissan

Nissan’s 400 HP, 88-pound ZEOD engine.
Image obtained with thanks from Nissan

If you’re not currently interested in learning how electronics work, you may be interested in learning more about what makes the world tick, such as the relationship between temperature and pressure, which has a major impact on everything, from whether or not it rains, to the pot of food you have on the stove!

That’s not all, if you’re interested in cars, there’s content here for you too. Nissan invented a 400 HP, 3-cylinder engine that weights only 88 pounds!

Science and Energy

If you can’t find what you want here, and you’re interested in geography or energy related topics, you can visit sister site Kompulsa – GE , and learn how wind turbines work, how to set up your very own solar system, a guide to the energy units, how to determine fuel efficiency, how to calculate the cost of each of your trips, much more. The science section will teach you about precipitation, the water cycle, volcanoes, population density, and more with the presence of stunning HD photographs that almost fill the screen.


Has your phone’s trackball stopped responding? Visit the troubleshooting section to find a solution to that, among other things. That section will be expanded in the future.

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